Creating homes to love and live in

 Award-winning designer Justine Knox is firmly established within Mallorca’s home décor and construction scene. As the CEO of Knox Home store with 20 years of experience, the British designer is regularly called upon by foreign homeowners for help. She is a trusted point of contact for those with a second home on the island who wish to transform their property into the Mediterranean getaway of their dreams. 

The interior and beyond 

Although known primarily for her interior design work, over the years Justine has built a further catalogue of property services including: home staging, project management, consultations and property search. Her business covers all aspects of home design, from easy-to-fix handyman jobs to building a house entirely from scratch. She is at the forefront of every one of her projects with a dedicated, specialist team right by her side. Having built her own home in Mallorca (and others too), Justine is well aware of the processes involved and what paperwork is required. She is as practical as she is creative, meaning that the logistics of renovating a property come just as easily. The end result is a home built to an exceptional standard in its quality of construction, layout and interior. 

A stress-free home 

Property owners in Mallorca who feel uninspired as they walk into their home should book an appointment with Justine. Her Knox Home store in Son Bugadelles is where her pick of the best furniture and design brands are based, but when it comes to completing a full project, Justine is on hand wherever her clients need her. From seafront villas to city apartments and superyachts, Justine is ready to redesign and reform whatever is required. The back and forth exchanges with suppliers, finding a reliable builder and choosing colour schemes is all taken care of. All you have to do is arrive with your suitcases and turn the key of your brand new home – perfectly executed and ready to move into today. 


The award-winning interior designer shares what’s new at Knox Design

  1. Since our last meeting in 2020, what has changed at Knox Homestore? 

During the pandemic we continuously worked on improving our service and efficiency for our clients. I used the time to do various online courses and seminars that I wanted to do for some time. We are now a very productive and efficient team all working under one roof. We can be very thankful that at Knox Homestore we survived and thrived. 

  1. We hear you’ve earned a certificate in estate agency – congratulations! What does this mean for your clients? 

As an interior designer, I work very closely with my clients to understand their preferences and aspirations. They are not often physically on the island so I make decisions on their behalf. Gaining this certificate in estate agency means I can offer a highly personal and tailored property search service that takes care of every aspect of creating a holiday home in Mallorca including the post-purchase reform and design. The whole nine yards! 

  1. What do you wish more people knew before buying a property in Mallorca? 

Many people are naïve when it comes to purchasing property in Mallorca, unaware of the paperwork and red tape involved at all levels. This is where I can provide a lot of assistance, dealing with lawyers, notaries, town councils for permits, and selecting reputable trades people for the refurbishment. I speak Spanish fluently and understand what is involved. From finding the right property to reforming, furnishing and decorating it, I can guide the clients through the process and make it stress-free. 

  1. Tell us one thing about Justine Knox that very few people know. 

I am a very sociable person and spend my day surrounded by people, but perhaps most people don’t know that my best moments are spent soaking in my hot-tub in a corner of my garden with a good book and a glass of wine in hand. Bliss! 

  1. Any new projects on the horizon? 

I always have lots of ideas and projects in the pipeline. Right now, I am focused on developing the Knox Homestore, the Justine Knox Design services and getting started with the property search service. I have also been designing some bespoke furniture pieces for my clients recently and there are always other things that come my way which keeps my job fresh and exciting. 

  1. Can you impart any final words of wisdom for anyone new to Mallorca? 

This is a magnificent place to live, but do not be deceived: island living can be costly, and buying and renovating a house here is a complicated task. Choosing the right people to advise you in whatever project you might be considering is critical to a stress-free life. You need to find someone who is highly experienced, speaks the local language and that you can trust. I can promise this will make the process faster, easier, enjoyable and hugely exciting. | 


I put my heart and soul into my projects

For many home-owners deciding to renovate their property in Mallorca, stress and worry is paramount. Who do we trust? How do we guarantee reliability? These are the types of questions that circle between friends on the island, who after discussion, will eventually settle on the name, Justine Knox. Interior designer, home-staging consultant and CEO of Knox Design. Her over twenty years of renovation work on the island has gained her unwavering reputation, where most of her clientele come solely from word-of-mouth. “The most effective form of marketing” we remark, as we meet Justine at one of her latest renovation projects in Cas Catalá. A beautiful home for a German couple, who following suit, were referred to Justine through friends of theirs.

We’re taken on a tour of the new home, which before renovation, had so much orange pine that Justine says it was more like a “Swiss chalet”. Now, after three months of hard-work, Justine and her team have turned the place into a luxury villa fitted with solar panels, new decking and high-tech entrance. As Justine shows us around, her team busily work around her, painting, mowing the lawn and adding the final touches. “This couple are due to fly-in next week, so it’s all on course” she says, side-stepping to double check the position of the TV. News that the couple were happy to stay in Germany throughout the renovation and leave all of the work to Justine, is testament to her clients trust in her. “With experience, you get to know what your clients want” she says, outlining the flowery “wild-card” wallpaper behind her. “I put my heart and soul into my projects. There’s no stress for my clients, they come straight off the plane and into their dream home.”

Not only is it Justine’s warm-hearted nature that has gained her a vast client network, but her on-point organisation skills too. Without much thought, she reels off ten different projects on the go, all of which have their own Whatsapp groups, spreadsheets and product lists. “If in five years’ time I get a client that wants to replace a vase, I can have that product number within minutes” she says, pointing to her phone. We pause for a moment, while one of the builders pops his head in with a question. Justine is quick to give him direction. Her ability to go from us, to her phone to the builder is astonishing. “I am a multi-tasker” she says smiling, before calling herself a good problem-solver too. “In this line of work, the trick is to always have a solution.” The problems, she says, her clients never need to know about. It is after all, why they put their trust in Justine Knox and her team.