Justine’s holiday colour guide

‘Tis the season to break away from the ordinary and tiptoe outside of your Christmas colour comfort zone. Seasonal decorating is so much fun, and it’s not permanent, so if you don’t like it, you can change it in an instant!

Countryside Colour Splash

  • Bring the rustic charm of the Mallorcan countryside indoors with some warm earthy tones.
  • Opt for rich greens, deep reds, and golden hues to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Add vibrant accents such as mustard-yellow cushions or burgundy throws to amplify the holiday cheer.
  • Modernise classic ornaments by placing them in glass vases or using them on a statement wreath.
  • Try using natural materials like wooden ornaments, velvet ribbons, and pinecones.
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere with soft throws and rustic candles for that countryside holiday feeling.

Fuse Bold Shades

  • Dare to combine unexpected colours for a truly unique holiday home.
  • Merge coastal blues with countryside greens or experiment with unexpected pairings like deep navy and mustard.
  • Introduce bold, statement pieces like an emerald-green centerpiece.

Festive Colourful Twists

  • Put a modern spin on traditional holiday colours for a fresh and lively look.
  • Swap out classic red for cranberry or burgundy and introduce metallic gold for a touch of sophistication.
  • Consider unconventional choices like a royal blue Christmas tree or a chartreuse wreath for a playful yet stylish vibe.

Playful Lighting Accents

  • Revive your childhood Christmas memories with some multi coloured, playful and colourful lighting.
  • Illuminate your space with colourful candles in glass holders.

This holiday season, let your Mallorcan holiday home shine with a burst of color and creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment, I want you to embrace the joy of using colour and transform your space into a vibrant celebration for the holidays.

Cheers to a vibrant festive season!

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