This stunning villa, located in the exclusive neighbourhood of Son Vida in Palma (Mallorca), sits on the hillside overlooking the bay of Palma. It had been owned and renovated by a local architect, who transformed it into a contemporary and blank space ready for new owners to put their stamp on it.  It was bought by a Scottish couple, who immediately engaged the service of Justine Knox to decorate, furnish and accessorise the villa. Justine and her clients worked together to provide the property with a distinct flair, having become fast friends in the process. The end result was so special that it won the 2016 International Architecture and Design Award in the Europe Living category. 

An infusion of colour, texture and style was urgently called for. The first area to tackle was the entrance hall, a box-like space with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, where the natural light bounced off white walls generating an extremely cold and clinical first impression. Intrepid as ever, Justine commissioned a bespoke wall panel made of epoxy resin on a composite aluminium backing. The stunning piece, created by Alex Turco in Milan, features blue tones, golden yellow and white, colours that were then carried through to the rest of the living area. Two classic Barcelona chairs in white leather were placed in front, all crowned by a stunning statement chandelier made of twisted white glass.

The ample living area is divided up into the kitchen, dining area and two seating spaces: one for social occasions and another for TV viewing. White lacquer furniture and leather prevail, but in a deliberate effort to steer away from minimalism, Justine added many natural and tribal elements and accent colours. The white dining table has chunky wooden legs, replicated in the glass covered and chrome-framed wooden board of the coffee table. The stunning ivory cabinet at one end features horn handles and is topped by two elegant tribal Brancusi-like masks. A statement armchair in a blue Christian Lacroix fabric adds colour to this corner vignette.

The Birgit Müller kitchen features white glossy cabinets, marble countertops and splashbacks, all enhanced by cream leather barstools.

At the other end, and up a few steps, is a small study area, complete with desk, leather chaise longue and naïf tribal picture to add a touch of colour.

There were three guest bedrooms to style and furnish, ready to welcome the owners’ grown-up children, friends and family. Each one was to be decorated in one bold colour: the orange room, the blue room and the lime green room. Feature walls were created in the colour of choice, with accessories, fabrics and rugs to match. Curtains were made in white fabric featuring embroidered motifs reflecting the colour scheme of the room. This scheme was carried into each ensuite bathroom in towels and accessories, for a sense of flow as well as for practicality, simplifying changeovers between guests.

Daring as they felt with regard to the décor of their guests’ quarters, the owners wanted for their own private space a much calmer palette, resulting in an elegant room of silver, cream and pearl.

The white and the blue colours of the interior living were also replicated in the terrace spaces, with all-weather rattan furniture and navy cushions and accessories: the perfect setting in which to sit and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city, the marinas, the port and the sea.