This project involved the home staging of a stunning luxury property. After the success of Justine’s home staging project a couple of years back, where her masterful intervention resulted in a quick sale at the right price, the property developers called upon her expertise once again to tackle this two storey building in the SW of Mallorca.  Three things are key when home staging a property: sale price, buyers to be attracted and the overall feel of the space. So the objective was to ensure that the home was presented to evoke a certain mood and look that will make it stand out from the rest. Home staging is all about painting a desirable lifestyle for the target buyer.

In keeping with her signature love of colour, Justine Knox set out to create spaces where the contemporary clean lines, white surfaces and glass were brought to luxurious life with the use of vibrant tones throughout. As Shirley Conran once said: “If you don’t dare, you are doomed to dullness. And dull this villa is not!

The most salient feature of this property is its sea view: perched above the rocks and surrounded by Mediterranean pine trees, it commands a privileged vista of the cove of Cala Llamp. Natural light floods the spaces, either brilliant and glaring in the exteriors, or filtered through voile window dressings for cool half-shade indoors.

The home has been presented as a unique blend of the natural and the exuberant, with driftwood lamps hanging from the ceiling and a large sized Cobra Art photographic piece in the dining room. One of the bedrooms boasts a turquoise wall and curtains and bright blue chandelier. Another has a lime green wall with Missoni multi-coloured bed covers and cushions. The powder blue velvet sofas and plush gold carpet in the sitting room add opulence to the Mediterranean sea and sand palette.

The small rear courtyard is profuse with tropical plants, which are also present in many corners inside the home. The lobby at the foot of the staircase is brilliant white with touches of fuchsia and another photograph by CobraArt.

 The bathrooms and the kitchen are white, spacious and modern, with lots of light. The kitchen is practical and inviting, where appliances are cleverly concealed with elegant carpentry. One of the bathrooms overlooks the sea, so the décor has been kept neutral to avoid detracting from the magnificent view. The other bathroom is a contemporary space with bold fuchsia in towels and rugs.

The outdoor pool terraces overlooking the bay feature ivory all-weather seating that is set off by a bespoke golden painted backdrop with white wooden carved wall panels and bright coloured cushions on the sofa. The glimmering pool ripples are mesmerizingly reflected on the back walls, mirroring the cool blue expanse of sea beyond. 

Everything in this house spells deluxe beach house, painting a sumptuous and sensual environment ready to entice prospective buyers with the promise of endless summers of comfort and beauty.   And sure enough, the property was successfully sold, proving once again the unquestionable efficacy of Justine’s home staging competence.