A perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, this bijoux apartment in the SW coast of Mallorca exudes glamour and comfort. Justine was asked by her British colour-shy clients to infuse vibrant shades and style in her choice of décor, as well as render the home as versatile and multipurpose as possible.

The compact balcony, with its stunning 360ºc sea view, was to be used for dining, chilling and sunbathing. A veritable exercise in space management, this was achieved by using a wooden folding table, director’s chairs and a set of modules that mix-and-match to form a couch, sunbeds or a daybed, in all-weather fabric for use year round – even in winter, enhanced by a patio heater.  All heavy enough not to be blown away, but light enough to easily arrange jigsaw-style as desired.

The indoor living area is divided into sections. The sitting room boasts a light blue sumptuous L-shaped sofa with glass and wood coffee table, all facing the TV unit and a stunning textured panoramic wall covering from French company Casamance, in azurite blues, rust and gold.

The dining table features a glass top on a bright yellow base, a colour echoed in the base of the TV unit, sofa cushions and the velvet stripes of the poufs. A subtler muted gold version appears in the frames of the lobster prints on the wall and the fabric of the kitchen counter barstools.

Light plays a crucial role in defining the open-plan kitchen ambience: a savvy combination of spotlights, canopy ceiling lights, low drop lamps and kickboard lighting, while natural light is filtered through the day & night blinds, which also serves to hide an unappealing view. The mirrored splashback reflecting back the sea view opposite contributes to add luminosity to contrast with the dark stone cladding of the units.

Dining chairs and barstools swivel for utmost flexibility and are upholstered in textured fabric to add warmth, as do the elements of walnut wood in the coffee table base, the TV unit, console, chair legs and bookcase tucked away behind the sofa. Finding a balance between texture and non-texture, between the clinical and the natural is essential for creating a harmonious setting.

The décor in the bedrooms is elegant but unfussy, again exhibiting clever space-saving techniques: wall-mounted reading lamps and storage bases for stowing away winter bedding and luggage, perfect when space is at a premium. The owners often work remotely, so the bedrooms all feature desks for comfortable laptop use and attractive wallpaper for Zoom call backdrops. The shades in the rooms are muted blues, golds and greens set by the wallpaper tones, pearl-toned fabrics and oyster-coloured lacquer on units.  The master bedroom, though not the largest, benefits from the en suite bathroom and a fabulous sea view. Compact yet functional, Justine has managed to create a boutique hotel feel in all the bedrooms.

In short, a lavish blend of classic and modern, subtle and bold, function and style, ready for year-round enjoyment and relaxation in a most privileged spot.