This project is a high-end three bedroom flat located in a luxury development in SW Mallorca, with direct access to the sea and to a five star spa and gymnasium. The Australian buyers engaged Justine to infuse lavishness and colour with a touch of masculinity into this overwhelmingly white residence. The bare bones of the property were first class, with wood panelling and marble flooring throughout the living areas, but they urgently called for colour and styling.

 The entrance hall was unusually large, so Justine decided to transform it into a stylish bar area, with a bespoke marble top counter, black swivel stools, round mirrors on the walls trimmed in black raffia and black and white striped flock wallpaper above the wood panelling: an inviting art deco space where cocktail hour begins as soon as you step across the threshold.

The white wall panels and built-in cabinets continue in the open-plan living area, now set off by the botanical print black and cream wallpaper which, as well as drawing attention to the attractive high ceilings, also adds cosiness to the entire area. Green was chosen as an accent colour throughout the home, starting with the large comfortable sofa in the lounge space. Further interest and texture is achieved through the use of black mirror panels and by painting and lighting the interior of shelving alcoves for displaying ornaments.

The middle of this space is taken up by a glass oval dining table surrounded by green upholstered swivel chairs and crowned by a magnificent chandelier. When floor space is at a premium, using swivel seating is an excellent way to allow for unobstructed movement. The light filters in from the outside terrace through heavy net curtains in cream with flecks of black.

The guest bedroom features a stunning panoramic wall covering of palm leaves on a black background which, along with the original toucan shaped bedside lamps, lend the room an elegant jungle mood. In the corner is a small gold table with a pouf to place water bottles and glasses, a scented candle and a soft throw: small touches to make guests feel pampered.

The first design of the master bedroom had featured a four-poster bed. However, having taken into account the clients’ desire to watch TV in bed, Justine decided to create a tall Japanese style geometric wooden headboard instead, giving the bed the height and importance without posts blocking the viewing. This was set off by dark textured wallpaper and counterbalanced by soft linen curtains.

The third bedroom was turned into an office, with a geometric green 3D design wallpaper that is an ideal backdrop for zoom calls, a black wood desk with brass details and a massage chair in the corner.

The cloakroom boasts a marble top and rich botanical print wallpaper with a black background. As in the guest room, Justine elected to use a floral motif to continue with the green theme, but against a black background to attenuate femininity.

Green continues in the outdoor furniture, with all-weather light moss fabrics on the seating. A long wooden table for al fresco dining and a high table and stools offer many options to enjoy the breathtaking sea views which, with the addition of a mirrored wall, can be admired 360º.  And, like any good Australian home, this one also features a bbq, a fridge and an ice-maker. Electronic sun awnings were installed to provide shade during the hot summer months and mosquito screens were placed on doors and windows to allow the sea breeze to blow in with full comfort all year round.